About Us

Thanks for visiting Hellfire Offroad!

I started this business in 2017 and the goal is to make Hellfire a One-Stop-Shop for all aftermarket exterior vehicle lighting. We started by becoming a dealer of Auxbeam products, and now we are also an authorized dealer of many more top brands such as Rigid Industries, KC Hilites, PIAA, Hella, Xprite, Buggy Whips, and many more.

Once we get a stable foundation under this small business, we will begin donating a percentage of our profits to help support the fight against child abuse, and later to become directly involved in combating child abuse (beyond donations).

It's our belief that any business or individual who attains sustainable levels of influence or financial success has a moral/ethical duty to use that gift to make the world a better place, no matter how large or small the contribution. We aim to make our impact as large as possible. 

As the owner, I don't want Hellfire to be known as a major name in the industry, but rather as a company that makes a significant positive difference in as many lives as possible.

I didn't start this business to make myself rich. I started it to ensure my family's future, then do the same for as many other families and individuals as possible. 

That's not a mission that will ever be complete, but it IS a mission that I will strive to complete regardless.