I want to mount a light bar on the roof of my vehicle. Where does your bracket mount to?

We strive to have all bolt-on mounting brackets as we do in Jeeps and most stock mounting locations. However, with roof mounting on most trucks, you are required to drill an average of three holes on each side of the truck cab and install nut-serts in order to create a location for you to bolt our brackets onto. Bulldog Lighting© is not responsible for any damage albeit moisture or hardware related with installation of our brackets or after the install is complete. We recommend a generous use of silicone to help prevent any type of moisture, dust, or environmental penetration into the cab of the vehicle. Even with the use of silicone, this prevention cannot be guaranteed and Bulldog Lighting© holds no responsibility with installation or use of our brackets and damage to the vehicle. If you have any other questions about roof mounts, please feel free to contact our customer service.


What voltage is the current draw of the light bars measured at?

All light bar voltage measurements are taken at 14.2 volts which is the average voltage output of a running vehicle.


I have everything wired on my vehicle and my light doesn’t work. Now what do I do?

Well, there could be a few things wrong here however let us start with some trouble shooting techniques.

  1. First, try connecting the light directly to a battery without the use of the wiring harness. What this will do is eliminate the possibility of the fault being within the light bar itself.
  2. If the light bar turns on, then skip the next steps and follow these instructions, now it seems that there is an issue with the wiring harness.
  3. –  Then check if the fuse is broken, then check if the switch is connected, and finally if the relay is connected. If all of this is in check then go ahead and check the grounding and power connections.
  4. If the light bar does not turn on then there is an issue with the light itself and you will need to fill out a warranty claim to get the light repaired with our online form at https://www.bulldogledlighting.com/repair.


      Can I run my light off of a wall outlet or A/C power?

      Absolutely not! Our lights are designed to run off of DC power only; Using A/C power at all could result in damaging the light or the power circuit permanently.


      Will your light bar mounts work with my imported or knock-off light bar?

      We cannot guarantee that our light bar mounts will work with any light bar other than our own. We do not test other lights with our mounts as they are made for our light bars here in the United States.